After Makoto

I saw two paintings by Makoto Fujimura in person. The first was The Gospel of Luke: Prodigal God. I could not find any pictures of this work online.

The second one was this:

The Gospel of John, In the Beginning by Makoto Fujimura

After experiencing Fujimura’s work in person, which I was able to enter into spatially in my mind, I didn’t want to talk or go to lunch. Instead I went home and wrote about the experience almost compulsively. Here’s what I wrote, but it fails to capture the fullness of what I experienced: Aftermakoto.

Here are the pieces I created immediately following that experience:

 In the Beginning, 2015 Mixed Media
In the Beginning, 2015 Mixed Media

I had to write immedately and paint immediately. My actions had the strength of compulsion to them. This piece is titled as it is because I felt that something had shifted in me. I was at the beginning of a new experience, a new dialogue, a new dance with art that had too many intangible and non-verbals to even attempt to articulate. In this context, it could be argued that this painting is a self portrait of me in those hours, after Makoto.

Swimming in Reality, 2015 acrylic on paper
Swimming in Reality, 2015 acrylic on paper

This second one I did on a large piece of watercolor paper because we discussed Fujimura’s use of materials, and I also played a lot with water on the canvas, thoroughly saturating the piece and directing paint different ways on the canvas. I also folded the paper to make some intersecting geometric shapes which don’t quite come through in the picture.


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