This year as I’ve answered God’s invitation to step deeper into Mystery, one way He’s stretching me as an artist is using:

Art as Spiritual Formation.

As a continuation of that never ending happening, that dialogue, that dance with the Spirit I’ve been influenced by two recent experiences:

Meeting  and hearing  Dr. Esther Meek for Arts Week at D.T.S.

And going to see some Makoto Fujimara paintings face to face.

This blog is to share some of the visual work I am doing. Because I am an educator, I strongly believe in modeling what you hope to lead others into. The work I am sharing is not for professional development or product or profit. It is amateur because that is exactly what it is meant to be.

As God challenges me to meet with Him in non-verbals, to leave my comfortable realm of words for visuals alone-this is the result.

He’s invited me into the Reality that He is that exceeds my constructs, my default settings, my blind spots.

And I invite Reality to come, form Christ in me, and make me whole.

Sarah Frase



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